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It’s the holiday season boys and girls! So, have you been naughty or nice these past few months? Well, it doesn’t really matter whether you’ve been naughty or nice because here at Kaoliberry, we give you another awesome addition to our very own atlas of dolls–the Kaolipedia.

We are now down on the letter “D” of our Kaoli alphabet and to represent the dashing and dainty D’s, we give you D for Doll Chateau!

So what exactly is Doll Chateau? There’s not much detail in the Doll Chateau official website about this manufacturer, other than the fact that it’s established by doll lovers or professionals who are looking to perfect the doll and embody  innovation and design.

So first, let’s breakdown the company’s name. The word “chateau” is a French word meaning “castle.” Therefore, we can safely conclude that Doll Chateau means “doll castle.” But the big question is, does Doll Chateau stand up to its name?

Doll Chateau is actually a Chinese company that manufactures ball-jointed dolls. They offer both limited fullset ones and also basic dolls which cater to doll lovers who like to make their own doll accessories and clothing, etc. Not to be mistaken as simply a kiddie toy manufacturer, Doll Chateau is for the more serious and eccentric doll enthusiasts out there, usually in the adult/collector demographic. The dolls are mid-sized, the highest standing at 72cm. Doll Chateau dolls range from the human to animal to the anthropomorphic, blending human and animal features to create one-of-kind doll designs. DC dolls commonly have that strange, innocent mysterious look of melancholy about them and they usually come in yellow, white and pink skintones.

There are numerous dolls in the Doll Chateau’s arsenal of dolls and they belong to different series or collections. Doll Chateau classifies its dolls into six categories namely Limited Collection, Adult, Youth, Kid, Baby and Mini. The Limited Collection may include any doll from all categories and some maybe the most exquisite-looking ones. One such dolls is Ada.


Ada is a cross between a young girl and a moose of some sort. Ada has  white feather-like things for hair cut in a short bob, creamy white skin, a face so delicate and innocent yet strange at the same time. She has big blue eyes and  cat-like lips, four human legs attached to a deer-like flank and two horns which make her look almost like an angelic moose. Strange as it may seem, these features make Ada one of the most eccentric dolls Doll Chateau has every created. Unfortunately though, Ada is so popular that a fullset is not available and only the basic doll is up for grabs.  More info about Ada here.

Doll Chateau - Ada

Doll Chateau – Ada


Another equally exquisite doll is DC’s Verna. Verna is as delicate as a pink flower, as what she embodies. A nude Verna doll’s body is pear-shaped with narrow shoulders and chest and wide hips (same as all female DC dolls) coupled with long and think arms and legs. The more popular version of the Verna dolls has skin as white as porcelain but yellow and pink skintones may also be available. She stands 56cm. tall and wears a pink dress with pink hat made of flowers. The face of the doll itself is as delicate and as beautiful as a flower  with long white lashes and flowing white hair. A fullset Verna doll comes with a pink dress and hat and costs about $520, additional $60 for body and face make-up. More info here.

Doll Chateau Verna

Doll Chateau Verna


Queena is another doll worth mentioning from the DC collection. Queena is reminiscent of Swan Lake (or The Black Swan for movie-lovers only that sh is not black). Like Verna, she is delicate and beautiful, especially her melting eyes and luscious pink lips. Like the Ada doll, she has white-feathers for hair, cut in a short bob and wears a swan bust as a hat on top of her head, making her a swan queen. Interestingly enough, she has a male counterpart, a black swan. At $349 a piece, Queena is definitely a keeper in the DC collection. More info here.

Doll Chateau Queena

Doll Chateau Queena


And to cap off the list, here’s DC’s Jodie, a dwarf-like, little-red-riding-hoodish addition to the list–except for the fact that Jodie is actually a little boy wearing a red outfit. Sold at $199 a piece, body make-up at an additional $50. More Info on the product page.

Doll Chateau Jodie

Doll Chateau Jodie


All in all, Doll Chateau is a doll manufacturer which strives for excellence in creating the most eccentric and high-quality dolls. Their dolls have a signature look of delicateness and melancholy, with a bit of strangeness thrown in. The cheapest ones are priced at no less than $150, and the most at around $600 plus. Doll Chateau dolls are considered to be more on the higher-end of the doll market and I recommend these dolls to any doll/art lover, or anyone looking for something definitely worth adding to a collection.

As usual, please keep in mind that Kaoliberry is not affiliated to Doll Chateau. For more information about these dolls, visit the official website. Credits also to Doll Chateau for all the pictures.

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