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Hello once again my little doll lovers!

It’s been quite a while since we last had an addition to our Kaolipedia posts. As we all know, there are only 28 letters in the English alphabet and now we are down to the letter S! So to represent this curvy letter,  we give you a very couture-ish find where fashion meets art–S for Sybarite Dolls!

So what are Sybarite Dolls? What do we know about them? And why are they so “high fashion”? Well, let us first talk about the two very talented individuals responsible for their creation.

London-based designers Desmond Lingard and his partner Charles Fegen created this doll line back in 2005. Fegen has been a veteran in the fashion industry, working as a clothing designer prior to designing dolls. His skill and talent has weaved a wonderful partnership with Lingard. And so eventually, the 16-inch Sybarite Dolls were born.

Sybarite Doll

Sybarite Doll

*Photo courtesy of www.flickr.com. If you happen to be the owner, just let us know so we can give you credit.

Sybarite Dolls are beautiful resin-made dolls with 17 points of articulation, allowing the collector to bend and twist the dolls in ultra-realistic ways. In the first few years of their birth, the dolls were made in their very birthplace (London) at about the same time as when the  Asian ball-jointed dolls were hugely gaining popularity. However, as the company grew and grew throughout the years, production has moved to China where manufacturing costs were relatively low.

Sybarite Doll Superdoll

Paisley – Sybarite doll repaint by Karen Kay

*Photo courtesy of www.karen-kay.com.

Sybarite Dolls are often compared to Japanese Super Dollfie dolls because of their similarly strung bodies. But unlike their comrades from the land of the rising sun who are more anime-inspired with huge innocent eyes and facial features reminiscent of the manga genre in which the Japanese are very fond of, Sybarite dolls are more mannequin-like, sultry masterpieces of the female anatomy, making them more suitable for the high-fashion world, sometimes even looking like real-life models.

Sybarite doll

*Photo courtesy of www.terrigoldphoto.blogspot.com.

There is a lot of publicity involved in the popularity of these dolls. Creators Lingard and Fegen are known to throw promotions and publicity stunts for their dolls, some of which even include buying a seat for a Sybarite Doll to sit on during a Dior Couture fashion show. Because of the superb quality and the amount of work that are put on them, Sybarite dolls are very popular among serious doll collectors around the world and are said to be treated with “the reverence normally reserved for catwalk fashion.” Some Sybarite Dolls are said to be priced at staggering amounts which could not be disclosed to the public due to a signed contract between buyers and producers. This “contract” also prohibits the selling of the purchased doll within 3 years from the time it was purchased–another one of Fegen and Lingard’s lavish publicity stunts.

Sybarite Dolls often take on themes that are either sublimely haute couture or are considered to be controversial or more on the “taboo” side of fashion.

Check out this Sybarite Doll. Does she remind you of anything but a magazine model for hair?

Sybarite Doll

*Photo courtesy of www.fashiondollcollectorsclubgb.co.uk

This one is just straight out of a fashion magazine:

Sybarite Doll

*Photo courtesy of www.mina-w.blog.ocn.ne.jp

And for my favorite, here is a custom repaint of Angeline Jolie using a Sybarite Doll as canvas (done by a fan). Vanity Fair anyone?

Sybarite Doll

Sybarite Angelina Jolie Repaint

*Photo courtesy of www.flickr.com. If you happen to be the owner, just let us know so we can give you credit.

Priced at no less than 1000USD each, Sybarite Dolls are indeed in the higher end of the doll market and are made specifically for passionate doll collectors out there. Collectors and those new to the dolls world alike will indeed be happy bridging art and fashion upon receiving a Sybarite.

Once again, Kaoliberry is not affiliated with Sybarite Dolls. For more information about Sybarite Dolls, visit www.superfrock.com.

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