Crafts & Tips: Cool Resources to Make Nice Clothes for Your Dolls… (Part 2)


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Hi Everybody,

Hope you had a nice week-end. As discussed earlier in this blog post, let’s find other sources of inspiration for dolls clothes making  Big Smile.

Indeed, aside from the videos, there are sites which also offer tips on sewing doll clothes such as:, or


If you are having a little trouble on fitting, let this site, be your guide.

Now here’s a basic dress from It has a free downloadable pattern which you use over and over again for your next project. This was designed for Brenda Starr/ Tyler Wentworth dolls:


Speaking of free patterns, is a haven for inspiring doll costumes. Most of the clothes featured in their gallery are based on movies, famous novels, and century old fashion pieces. The clothes really look adorable; but what’s even better are the detailed descriptions and free patterns which can be downloaded from the site. Take a look at these samples from their gallery:

Arwen from Lord of the Ring


Full credits are given to the websites who own the photos featured here. The links are provided above, so be sure to visit them to know more about making doll clothes. That’s all for now, thanks for reading!

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