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Hello again beloved Kaoliberry fans!

It’s February and it’s time to welcome the Chinese Year of the Water Snake! And what better way to welcome this hissing year than to have something new and interesting to  find in our Kaoliberry store? I know you’ve all been aching to see some new stuff on our quirky gallery of products, so feast your eyes on this fabulous new item, Doll Collector Magazine!

Scott Publication Doll Collector Magazine January 2013 Issue

Doll Collector Magazine is a fantastic way to spend your lazy afternoons and other free time. It contains the latest news about dolls and the hottest trends in the doll market today. Doll lovers and enthusiasts will enjoy more than 60 pages of pure dollish love.

Doll Collector features hot new dolls and other stuff which can capture your interest. It also includes a handy show calendar which lists different doll shows everywhere so you can always be at the hottest events which you’ll love. Doll Collector also introduces new and upcoming artists. Get to know your doll makers and creators of the dolls you love, the inspiration behind and the concept in which led to the birth of your doll. For the more intellectually-inclined, Doll Collector brings to you book reviews and others of the sort to help you get acquainted with books that might peak your interest. And get this, Doll Collector is even complete with an Auction Report and a Shopper’s Directory so you can always find what you want at the best price!

Scott Publication Doll Collector Magazine March 2013

Doll collector is now officially available at Kaoliberry and out on its January and March 2013 issue. Available for only $6.99 a piece (US retailer price), it’s a great deal for Non-US residents like you and me. Also available on our Kaoliberry store is Miniature Collector magazine which shares the same publisher and up for grabs at the same price. So spend your times right and grab a copy (or two ^_^)  on our  store!

Just as a reminder, Blythiful and Dolly Dolly magazines are also available for sale on our website.

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