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Hey Kaoliberry fans! It’s been a while and how are you all doing?

Well, some of you may be missing some of the best actions and newest trends here on the doll world which is why I am here once again to introduce to you  (although some of you may already know them), one of today’s trendiest doll makers, the FASHION DOLL AGENCY.

Well, true to its name, Fashion Doll Agency is…well…for lack of a better term, a “fashion doll agency” in the doll world. Fashion Doll Agency is a company that design manufactures, produces and distributes high-quality, jointed fashion dolls. The company is based in no other than the city of Paris, France, one of the top fashion capitals of the world. They couldn’t have chosen a much better location for a company that sells not only ordinary dolls, but models in their own rights.

The dolls of Fashion Doll Agency are the runway models of the doll world. With long legs, several points of articulation, exquisite and sultry facial features, you will be reminded of high fashion at its finest.

Fashion Doll Agency takes pride in its 5 beautiful maidens: Marcella, Petra, Manon, Pola and Kaori.

The very first Fashion Doll Agency model, Italian black-haired blue-eyed beauty Marcella, was allegedly discovered during a student trip to Paris. After much persuasion from an agent, she finally said “yes” to a modeling career. You ca check her page & book here.

Fashion Doll Agency – Marcella


English redhead beauty, Petra, was discovered at a bar during an alternative rock performance wherein she silenced the crowd with her presence. Check her profile here.

Fashion Doll Agency – Petra


Brazilian bombshell, Pola started out modeling children’s clothes to bikinis then eventually sent a portfolio to Fashion Doll Agency and was summoned immediately. Learn more about her here.

Fashion Doll Agency – Pola


Long-legged Japanese cutie, Kaori went on a bus tour of Paris and captured the attention of everyone else at the Champs de Elysées. Check her personal page here.

Fashion Doll Agency – Kaori


While French exotic dark beauty, Manon was first seen on the evening news doing a street protest in support of illegal immigrant rights. Her complete profile is available here.

Fashion Doll Agency – Manon


Such are the colorful backgrounds the models came from. And although the dolls basically look almost the same with regards to facial features (without the make-up and different hair and skin colors), each doll  has its own distinct personality. Doll collectors and enthusiasts will surely love these high-fashion additions to their collection!

For more information about these dolls, check out  There is a cool video on the Homepage you will like for sure. You can also join their mailing list to received cool newsletters in French & English. Again, Kaoliberry is not affiliated with Fashion Doll Agency. It is but our mere pleasure to share these awesome finds with fans like you!

That’s it!

See you!


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