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Hello again Kaoliberry fans!

It’s time for another of our “inspiration” posts, ladies and gents. This time around, we’ll give you something that appeals to your wild and slightly creepy tastes—SOOM’s newly released Epidia – Queen of Waterfalls!

Epidia is the very exotic queen of the jungle, if you may say so. She’s supposedly the “Diety of the Hunt” (as what her profile says on SOOM) who turned bad and now lures men into her waterfall lair to either marry her or turn them into animals if they refuse. Kinda scary, right?

The Epidia doll’s face is just sublime. I thought she was supposed to be a vampire at first sight, straight from the Queen of the Damned movie…until I saw more of her and read her profile. Her whole wardrobe looks very familiar too but is very well-made and detailed, fit for a goddess/queen with all that flowing white, flesh-baring cloth and a head and neck full of jewels. So far, this is the prettiest doll I’ve come across—a right mix of mystery in those captivating blue eyes and exotic facial features. The body of the doll itself is as sexy as it gets with ball-joints in all the right places. One thing that put me off though is that her feet are the hind legs of a leopard, claws and all.

The guys at SOOM were thoughtful enough to make Epidia in two skintones: dark brown and tawny. Below are some pictures of Epidia-Queen of the Waterfalls doll we took from The SOOM Emporium GEM  website:

SOOM Epidia - Queen of the Waterfalls

SOOM Epidia – Queen of the Waterfalls Announcement

SOOM Epidia - Queen of the Waterfalls Dark Brown Skin Ver.

SOOM Epidia – Queen of the Waterfalls Dark Brown Skin Ver.

SOOM Epidia - Queen of the Waterfalls Tawny Skin Ver.

SOOM Epidia – Queen of the Waterfalls Tawny Skin Ver.

Personally, I prefer the dark-skinned one because light-skinned goddesses are too generic for my taste. The doll is a bit too expensive for me though but I think collectors would find it worth the price based on its details and craftsmanship.

Epidia is available for pre-order until July 12th 2012, at the SOOM Emporium (The GEM) official website. Although Kaoliberry isn’t affiliated with this doll manufacturer, it is but our mere pleasure to share awesome finds like these with fans like you.

More info about Epidia on SOOM The GEM website.

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