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Hello and welcome to Kaolipedia!

Hope you liked our previous post about momokoDOLL. Well, for this week’s Kaolipedia entry, we move on to the letter “E”!

How do you fare with the world of the dead, the eerie and the cryptic? As a child, I personally found fun animated films like The Nightmare Before Christmas a bit too much for my fragile imagination. The world of corpses…Sounds bad enough right? But if you pair this with beauty and mystery then throw in a bit of fun and humor, you’d get the perfect combination of something which will make you squirm for the word “Ghastly”.

“E” for Evangeline Ghastly of Wide Imagination.

Evangeline Ghastly belongs to Wilde Imagiation’s exquisite array of dolls, inspired by famous films, particularly Addams’ Family and the Corpse Bride by director Tim Burton.

Wilde Imagination Evangeline Ghastly Dawn to Dusk Skirt (Spring 2010)

Dawn to Dusk Skirt & top (Spring 2010)

Evangeline Ghastly belongs to a long line of the Ghastly Family tree which dates back  way back to the 1500’s. Originally, her great great grandfather was but a humble butler in the Barkley Manor in Ipswich. Grandfather Ghastly inherited all the fortune, including Barkley Manor, conveniently located across the cemetery, when the Lady of the House passed on. And then he went on to marry a golddigger. And so the Ghastly family bloodline goes on from there down to Evageline’s birth.

Some horrid events took place, leaving little Evangeline in the care of her nursemaid when her parents went off, never to return, in search of missing family members. Evangeline spent her life in the attic of the Barkley manor with her pet skunks and other creatures you may find loathsome and is thought to have been born there as well, one cold and windy night in 1924. Although she has not seen any of the Manor’s residents, they provided her with food on the stairs. She is a good self-taught seamstress and enjoys dressing up and parading around town wearing her elaborate outfits, catching the eye of the townsfolk

Evangeline works for Mr. Mort, the owner of the local mortuary and hopes to catch the eye of his nephew Mortimer. And from that, you can connect the story and why she lives up to her name, Evangeline Ghastly yourself.

The Evangeline Ghastly is a ball-jointed doll which stands 19”tall. She is made with the finest luminescent resin by her creator designer Joe Petrollese with the help of renowned doll designer Robert Tonner when they collaborated a few years back.

Joe Petrollese himself has been in the fashion industry for 20 years and working for the glitzy media world of those like Martha Stewart. But he has found his passion in Doll art and designing. Thus, the creation of a fusion of Petrollese’s favourites  resulting to a Victoria-themed Ghastly doll.

Evangeline Ghastly doll collection is comprised of all character’s in Evangeline’s story, ranging from 100-250USD each. All accessories, including clothing, wigs, jewellery are all Victorian-themed with that air of nightmarish mystery and are made exclusively to fit the Evangeline Ghastly Collection. And just this Summer 2012, Evangeline Ghastly is now available in Vinyl/ Hard Plastic for the ultimate posing flexibility.

Here are some pictures of my favorite Evangeline Ghastly dolls I took from Wilde Imagination:

Evangeline dressed in “Grey as the Moors” It simply brings me back to seeing Letitcia Addams fused with Little Red Riding Hood only that the hood’s actually black.

Wilde Imagination - Evangeline Ghastly Grey as the Moors Spring 2011

Grey as the Moors Spring 2011

Evangeline in her “Dawn to Dusk Robe”. There’s something about this soft, flowing fabric that just reminds me of a cold, wintry night.

Wilde Imagination - Evangeline Ghastly Dawn to Dusk Robe (Spring 2010)

Dawn to Dusk Robe (Spring 2010)

“Beautiful Nightmare” hands down, this just screams corpse bride to me, only that Evangeline is way prettier than the actual Corpse Bride in the animated movie; made of vinyl.

Wilde Imagination Evangeline Ghastly - Beautiful Nightmare Spring 2011

Evangeline Ghastly – Beautiful Nightmare (Spring 2011)

And Kate’s favorite, “Imaginary Life”…

Wilde Imagination - Evangeline Ghastly Imaginary Life Spring 2011

Evangeline Ghastly Imaginary Life (Spring 2011)

Let’s feature Mortimer, also,  just because I’d love to see Evangeline have her happy ever after…

Wilde Imagination Evangeline Ghastly Mortimer


Or the cute pets that anthropomorphic doll collectors will definitely find lovely….

Wilde Imagination - Evangeline Ghastly Mouette


Wilde Imagination - Evangeline Ghastly Valentine


Finally, the summer 2012 collection is available at Wilde Imagination website. All these dollies look gorgeous but Dead Silent definitely caught our eyes.

Wilde Imagination Evangeline Ghastly Dead Silent

Dead Silent (Summer 2012)

How about you? Do you have any favorite Evangeline?

For more about Evangeline Ghastly, go and check out Wildemagination’s official website at www.wildeimagination.com.

Should you have any comments or suggestions, feel free use the comment form below. You can also connect with us on  TwitterFacebookTumblr or YouTube.

See you soon!


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