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Hello Everybody  Smile,

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Let’s take it easy and start the month with a new review. Indeed, last time, I shared some pictures and my impressions of Valentine, the cute cat from Wilde Imagination (see related post here). I remember I said that I didn’t have any Evangeline doll yet, but I was so in love with the pet but I couldn’t help buying it Giggle . The situation has changed now, as I received another very cool doll from the Evangeline series.

So, for this month review, allow me to introduce Heart of Darkness – Parnilla from Wilde Imagination. Yay!!!  Clap

Kaoliberry Review Wilde Imagination Parnilla Heart of Darkness

Wilde Imagination – Heart of Darkness Parnilla

BTW, and before going in details, I apologize for the pictures’ quality. It’s quite busy here at the moment, so I don’t have much time to edit the photos. Hope it’ll be all right.  weep

Background info

Parnilla Ghastly is a new character introduced this summer. I guess we can say that she is the nemesis of Evangeline…. Indeed, the beauty came all the way from Paris to see her cousin, Evangeline, as well as her first love, Mortimer. You can get her detailed profile here, but to make things short she seems to be here to challenge our dear Evangeline. I can’t wait to see what will happen next  Big Smile

Overall, If you aren’t familiar with this doll series, you can have a look on our Kaolipedia or check Wilde Imagination website for more details.


About the doll

  • Packaging

There is not much to say about the packaging. Around 50cm tall. See the pictures below for more details.

Kaoliberry Review Wilde Imagination Heart of Darkness Parnilla

Parnilla box

Kaoliberry Review Wilde Imagination Heart of Darkness Parnilla


  • Basic doll

Parnilla is around 47 cm tall and has 15 points of articulation. According to the manufacturer, the body is made of hard Plastic (I can see that too) when Vinyl material is used for the head.

I don’t have much to say about the articulations, and overall, the doll looks very nice. You can see more picture of the nude body on my Gallery, just check the link at the end of the post. Nonetheless, I would like to highlight a few points that I found a bit strange.

First, my doll came with inverted hands, as you can see on the picture below. Not a big deal, as it quite easy to detach the hands and replace them correctly, but well, it can be quite disturbing Confused .

Kaoliberry Review Wilde Imagination PArnilla heart of darkness

Inverted hands


Second thing is that the legs. Parnilla seems to have a leg that is shorter than the other. I remember I saw somewhere that it was the case with the vinyl Evangeline. I thought it would be fixed with the new body but seems not… Or am I mistaken?

Kaoliberry Review Wilde Imagination Parnilla Heart of Darkness


My favorite part? The wig of course… Love these dark locks and the purple/dark insert eyes Big Smile

Kaoliberry Review Wilde Imagination Parnilla Ghastly

Lovely eyes & wigs


  • Accessories

As you can see below, even though it’s at basic version, Parnilla comes with underwear and shoes.

Kaoliberry Wilde Imagination Review Parnilla Ghastly

Parnilla Heart of Darkness – Accessories


 Bonus Pictures


Kaoliberry Review Wilde Imagination Parnilla Ghastly Heart of Darkness

Kaoliberry Review Wilde Imagination Parnilla Heart of Darkness

Parnilla & Valentine


That’s it for the review. I’m always ending up writing too much. More pictures & slideshow are available here.

Please note that Kaoliberry is not affiliated with Wilde Imagination. This post is just for sharing. Please visit for any purchase etc.

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See you  Kiss

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