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Hi Everybody  Smile,

Hope you spent a nice week-end. Monday is always a very very loooooong day, so let’s take it easy and discuss some really cool dollies announcements.

SOOM – The Gem: Ignis – Goddess of Abundance

I really love the gods & Goddess legends series from SOOM, but when I saw the pictures of Ignis I was like “wow, this one is really great”. Here is the background story:

Soom The Gem Ignim Goddess of Abundance

Not much info about the height, but Ignim is available in normal or brown tan skin. The cat head is also included in the basic package, but everything else is optional. Some pictures below, please visit Soom website for more information. Pre-order available until October 27th.

Soom The GEM Ignim

Soom The GEM – Ignim

Soom The Gem Ignim


Soul Doll – Soul Zenith Chiron Human ver.

Well… I don’t know much about this guy, but I find him very cute  In Love. Silver hair and tanned skin is the best combination ever  Blush. Anyway, Chiron is around 69cm tall and the basic set includes the nude body (of course) and the eyes. All the rest are options. Not limited, but you will get $ 100 off if you order by October 30th. More info on the product page.

Souldoll Soul Zenith Chiron

Soul Zenith – Chiron

Souldoll Soul Zenith Chiron


Withdoll – Cathy

I don’t know much about Withdoll too, but the doll is cute and for some reasons we have the same first name   Grin. Cathy is around 41cm tall. Basic set includes includes the eyes, but all the rest seems optional. Find more about the doll on the manufacturer’s website.

Withdoll Cathy

Withdoll – Cathy

Withdoll Cathy


Iplehouse – Elemental guardian Senior: Mari Assassin of the Wind

A cute assassin made her entrance into the Elemental Guardian family. As usual, the background story is very nice. The basic set includes doll + eyes, but all the other (face-up, outfit etc) are optional. Please take the time to visit the iplehouse website to get more information. Doll is available for pre-order until November 11th.

Iplehouse Elemental Guardian Mari

Iplehouse – Elemental Guardian Mari

Iplehouse elemental guardian Mari


Soul doll – Tarot Card 15: The Devil Isaac (Devil Maker) & Aina (Summoned Devil)

And to finish Soul doll again  Smile. I found the idea of dolls inspired by the Tarot cards very cool. Isaac is around 45-47 cm tall and Aina stands 63cm. The dolls are limited, and pre-order period lasts until November 20th, 2012, so if you’re interested, order yours asap.

Check Soul doll website for more information about Isaac and/or Aina.

Souldoll Soul Tarot series 15 Devil Isaac & Aina

Tarot Card 15 – Devil Isaac & Aina


 That’s it for our weekly review. Just as a reminder, Kaoliberry is not affiliated to Souldoll, Withdoll, Iplehouse or Soom. The post is just for sharing. Please visit their websites for more information. Credits for all the pictures too.

See you next week  Kiss


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