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Hello there Kaoliberry fans!

So how did the past year treat you? Great I hope. Well, this Chinese New Year 2014 brings the year of the Wooden Horse! And since the first dolls in the world were probably made of wood, needless to say, this year of the “Wooden” Horse is but another year to indulge more into your doll fantasies! It is indeed the year of dolls!

Okay, that sounds a bit over-the-top I know, but it does make sense somehow. So to start off this year with a bang, I bring you again a recent addition to our one and only encyclopedia of the doll world, the Kaolipedia! And to bring you a waking dose of the letter “F”, I give you F like FASHION ROYALTY DOLLS!

Fahion Royalty

Fashion Royalty – Kyori Sato (Deceptively Yours)

Reading the name itself, “Fashion Royalty”, you probably know what’s in store for you. No, the name is not an exaggerated form of the dolls themselves and in no way do they not live up to their name! Fashion Royalty Dolls is currently one of the hottest names in the dolls industry because of their sophisticated design and because the line itself was conceptualized and created by one of today’s hottest designers, Jason Wu.

Fashion Royalty

Fashion Royalty – Adèle Makéda (Soul Deep)

Jason Wu is a Taiwanese-Canadian who started designing clothing and dolls in middle school. His talent was great so he went to Tokyo to further study sculpture at the age of 16. Wu conceptualized Fashion Royalty Dolls back in 2000 when he was a young man of 18, fresh from high-school in Europe where he was studying. And after two years with the help of the Integrity Toys team, Wu created his own line of high-end fashion dolls worthy of the name given to them, “Fashion Royalty”.

Fashion Royalty

Fashion Royalty – Kesenia (Porcelain Beauty)

Well, back then, you probably would be skeptical if the dolls designed by Wu are worthy of their regal namesake. But now, being sought-after and having designed clothing for the likes of Ivana Trump, Amber Valetta and the first lady of the United States herself, Michelle Obama, you probably couldn’t agree more. And if these credentials still aren’t enough, Jason Wu is now the art director of Hugo Boss, overseeing the Germanfashion house’s entire womenswear range. Definitely a young man who made a name for himself.

Now, as with the dolls themselves, they are just as pretty as their creator’s resumé. The dolls are multi-jointed dolls mostly standing at 12-12.5 inches high. They are made with plastic and vinyl materials and the facial features are flawlessly painted with smoldering eyes and contoured make-up to give you those serious, ramp model looks. However, after much observation, Fashion Royalty Dolls would remind you a bit of the more famous and child-friendlier Mattel Barbie Dolls. This is somehow a letdown to their “high fashion” feel but not because of the build and quality, but because of teenie-weenie similarities.

Fashion Royalty

Fashion Royalty – Véronique Perrin® (Breaking The Mold)

After years of being in the industry, Fashion Royalty Dolls have developed intricate storylines for their dolls’ characters, the most famous of which is Veroniqué Perrin – a beautiful, strong-willed character who owns W line of cosmetics. The clothing on the dolls are another story too. Designed by a renowned designer such as Wu, you can expect nothing but haute couture. Each piece of dress the dolls wear are made with quality materials and life-sized reliplicas are sometimes featured or launched in big events. Because of their quality and name itself, Fashion Royalty Dolls range from $130-400 a piece. Definitely not “for kids” and only for serious collectors.

Fashion Royalty

Fashion Royalty – Darius Reid (Staying Power)

In a nutshell, Fashion Royalty Dolls are high-couture collector dolls which live up to the hype they’ve created in the doll collectors’ world and designed by the famous Jason Wu. If you’re serious about collecting dolls and want only the best qaulity dolls you can find to add to your collection, you may have come to the right place.

Fashion Royalty’s latest collection is the FR 2011, featuring Veroniqué Perrin and her eight other beautiful friends in impeccable style. Go ahead and experience their glamorous lifestyle~

As usual we are giving all credits to Integrity Toys. Visit Fashion Royalty page for more info.

That’s it!

See you next month!


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Dear Kaoliberry Readers,

We wish you a Happy New Year!! May year 2014 brings you lots of joy, laughs and memorable moments with your loved ones. is now entering its 3rd year and it’s all thanks to our valued customers. We will continue to try our best to bring you nice products, as well as original and quality content.

At the same time, and should you have any comments or suggestions, feel free use the comment form below. You can also connect with us on  TwitterFacebookTumblr or YouTube.

Thanks again for your continuous support!

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Hello Kaolireaders,

So it’s spook time once again and time to scare and creep your way into the doll world. And this Halloween season, Kaoliberry gives you a trick or treat that will surely delight the spooks out of you! Meet Captain Hook, Victor Addiction Ver. And Victor Fantasy Ver.!

Captain Hook, officially known as “Captain Hook the Ticking Clock”, is a limited edition doll from Soom Emporium’s the Gem.

Captain Hook - The Ticking Crocodile The Gem Soom

Captain Hook – The Ticking Crocodile

Well, contrary to the popular image of Capt. Hook from the Peter Pan story, Captain Hook the Ticking Clock is simply not child-friendly nor funny at all. The Gem’s Captain Hook is the haunting image of a very handsome man-crocodile. Honestly though, he looks more like a vampire/dragon mix or some sort of reptile, other than a crocodile. Captain Hook has red and black hair and wears a cape, like all pirates should. He sports a very cold-blooded reptilian look with pointy ears and teeth. And to live up to his name, this doll has reptilian hands and legs, complete with claws and scales. Other than his grotesque limbs and other body parts, he is generally a very handsome man…or reptile. More info at this page.

Soom The Gem Captain Hook


In line with Captain Hook’s creepiness is Iple House’s Victor Addiction, equally as creepy and handsome. According to the very short and bland backstory at Iple House’s website, Victor Addiction is trying to be king and gain power after his the girl he was interested in was to be engaged with his half-brother king.

Iple House Victor Addiction

Victor Addiction

Victor Addiction’s face is handsome and cold. He has piercing eyes and a very defined jaw line. Victor comes in two versions, Addiction and Fantasy. In the Addiction version, Victor is his normal handsome and cold self. He comes in two skin tones – fair and tan, and is also available with tattoo. He has long black hair, brown eyes and wears a big black cape and furry tunic for the cold. Check the related product page for more info.

Victor Addiction Iple House
Victor Fantasy version, on the other hand, is Victor’s monster self. He has bloodshot eyes, horns, pointy ears, bat like wings, clawed reptilian hands, and fangs and has an angry growling expression.

Iple House Fantasy Victor the Addiction

Fantasy Victor

Fantasy is available in several skin tones, but the most popular of which is the blue-gray tone which gives him a very undead look. More info at Iplehouse website.

Iple House Victor Addiction

Well, there y have it. We hope that does it for your Halloween doll search. Kaoliberry is in no way associated with The Gem and Iple House but we are happy to share these creepy creatures with you! So go and check out these handsome monstrosities and make your Halloween a scary delight before they run out.

Enjoy your Halloween night!



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Hello there my dearly beloved Kaoliberry fans!

Well, how have you all been doing? Here in my sunny island, it’s been raining a lot!  Good thing, there’s more of that warm feeling which finding awesome stuff in the doll world brings me so I can easily warm up to some comforting thoughts by the time I hit the sack!

Well, as you know, it’s just about time to bring you yet another interesting addition to our quirky yet very informative encyclopedia of the doll world, the Kaolipedia! I was inspired by the lonely and gloomy rainy weather here in my island right now, so to tune in with the season, I give you the melancholy ELLOWYNE WILDE.

Ellowyne Wilde

Ellowyne Wilde


Ellowyne Wilde is one of the best dolls by Wilde Imagination. She was designed and created by renowned doll artist and designer, Robert Tonner and Joe Petrollese (who also designs gorgeous outfits for Ellowyne and other accessories.)

Great Depression Ellowyne

Great Depression Ellowyne


Ellowyne Wilde stands 16-inches tall, just the right height for a collectible doll like her. Ellowyne has 12 points of articulation which also makes her perfect for posing. She is made of hard plastic and high quality vinyl material, has a slightly large head (similar to those of Bratz Dolls) and hand-painted facial features. Ellowyne’s most striking features are her eyes which are beautifully crafted to express a bored and melancholy look.

Ellowyne Wilde - Grand Despair, Too

Ellowyne Wilde – Grand Despair, Too


Ellowyne is characterized as a very bored girl, tired with life and maybe a little lonely. She is said to be suffering from chronic “ennui” (pronounced as ‘on-we’) which means “weariness and dissatisfaction”. So it goes without saying that Ellowyne has regular sessions with a shrink (named Dr. Bantam). But despite all these, Ellowyne is a “fashion diva” who likes to wear exquisite clothing designed by the remarkable Petrollese himself. Ellowyne’s outfits vary from simple to extravagant, depending on the occasion but they are always made of high-grade fabric and beautiful material, something Tonner Dolls are known for. She sometimes wears different colored wigs and eyes.

Romance Outfit

Romance Outfit


Other dolls in the Ellowyne Wilde collection include Prudence, Lizette and Rufus. Prudence (sometimes called “Pru”) is Ellowyne’s best friend. Contrary to Ellowyne’s very bored and melancholy character, Pru is upbeat, bubbly and loves to dance. Meanwhile, Lizette is the new Southern girl in town. She has brown eyes and is very charming and she becomes Ellowyne’s friend. Rufus, on the other hand, is probably the only male character in the collection. He is cheerful yet shy. He has known Ellowyne since seventh grade and as secretly loved her ever since. These characters lives revolve around each other and are fondly told via journal/blog entries in Wild Imagination’s website. Oh and there is Amber too!

All in all, Ellowyne Wilde is a good deal for doll collectors. She is cute and has a personality and a mood which makes her great for pre-teen ages as well as adults.  The outfits made for the Ellowyne doll are of exquisite designs and or high-quality, making them well worth the price. If you are an avid doll collector, you may want to add Ellowyne to your collection and give it a splash of personality!

The basic Ellowyne Wilde doll is priced at around $69.00 to a hundred but dressed dolls may cost you a few hundred dollars more. Everything about Ellowyne can be bought at their online store,, including clothing, accessories and many more.

Well, that’s it for our Kaolipedia entry for today! For more information, visit

**credits to Wilde Imagination for the pics.


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Hey Kaoliberry fans! It’s been a while and how are you all doing?

Well, some of you may be missing some of the best actions and newest trends here on the doll world which is why I am here once again to introduce to you  (although some of you may already know them), one of today’s trendiest doll makers, the FASHION DOLL AGENCY.

Well, true to its name, Fashion Doll Agency is…well…for lack of a better term, a “fashion doll agency” in the doll world. Fashion Doll Agency is a company that design manufactures, produces and distributes high-quality, jointed fashion dolls. The company is based in no other than the city of Paris, France, one of the top fashion capitals of the world. They couldn’t have chosen a much better location for a company that sells not only ordinary dolls, but models in their own rights.

The dolls of Fashion Doll Agency are the runway models of the doll world. With long legs, several points of articulation, exquisite and sultry facial features, you will be reminded of high fashion at its finest.

Fashion Doll Agency takes pride in its 5 beautiful maidens: Marcella, Petra, Manon, Pola and Kaori.

The very first Fashion Doll Agency model, Italian black-haired blue-eyed beauty Marcella, was allegedly discovered during a student trip to Paris. After much persuasion from an agent, she finally said “yes” to a modeling career. You ca check her page & book here.

Fashion Doll Agency – Marcella


English redhead beauty, Petra, was discovered at a bar during an alternative rock performance wherein she silenced the crowd with her presence. Check her profile here.

Fashion Doll Agency – Petra


Brazilian bombshell, Pola started out modeling children’s clothes to bikinis then eventually sent a portfolio to Fashion Doll Agency and was summoned immediately. Learn more about her here.

Fashion Doll Agency – Pola


Long-legged Japanese cutie, Kaori went on a bus tour of Paris and captured the attention of everyone else at the Champs de Elysées. Check her personal page here.

Fashion Doll Agency – Kaori


While French exotic dark beauty, Manon was first seen on the evening news doing a street protest in support of illegal immigrant rights. Her complete profile is available here.

Fashion Doll Agency – Manon


Such are the colorful backgrounds the models came from. And although the dolls basically look almost the same with regards to facial features (without the make-up and different hair and skin colors), each doll  has its own distinct personality. Doll collectors and enthusiasts will surely love these high-fashion additions to their collection!

For more information about these dolls, check out  There is a cool video on the Homepage you will like for sure. You can also join their mailing list to received cool newsletters in French & English. Again, Kaoliberry is not affiliated with Fashion Doll Agency. It is but our mere pleasure to share these awesome finds with fans like you!

That’s it!

See you!