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Hi Everybody,

Hope you are doing great.

Halloween is right around the corner, and here at we offer some gothic dolls as well as yummy miniatures for your cute dollies. Below some items you can find in store. Feel free to check our spotlight page for more choice.

Kaoliberry Picture Story

Orange Pumpkin & pre-owned Antoinette Goth

Halloween Dinner

Halloween Dinner Set 2


As usual we would love to hear from you by email, comment form,  TwitterFacebookTumblr or YouTube. We have also set up a meet up group for dolls enthusiasts. Therefore, if you’re living nearby Hong Kong, feel free to connect with other dolls lovers and win tons of giveaways. Stay tuned!

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Hi Everybody,

How have you been?

Hope you had a wonderful summer and it wasn’t too difficult to resume school or work.

Today just a short post to introduce Sam & Mickey Stop Motion Videos. As the title says they are cool, funny and absolutely not for children. Episode are usually quite short (around 5min long) and are released once a month. Thanks to the girls for working so hard for our enjoyment Mean . All videos are very well made and the theme is usually very interesting. I won’t make a detailed review of each video here (although I watched them all) but well, if you haven’t checked their videos yet, I invite you to have a look at their Youtube channel at your earliest convenience Wink .

To give you an idea, below is one of my favorite, the Pineaple Store Grin

Hope you will like them!

As usual, Kaoliberry is not affiliated to Sam & Mickey. All we want is to share cool stuffs and great content with our dear readers.

Have a wonderful week-end ahead.

See you  Kiss

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Hi dear Kaoliberry readers  Smile

How have you been lately?

Here we were busy trying to improve our offer and see how we could serve better our valued customers.  After several and long brainstormings we came up with an idea: opening a new bargain category Big Smile .

Indeed, we understand that budget is a real issue for collectors and enthusiasts. Sometimes we are attracted by a brand and want to try, sometimes we might not be very interested in certain products but still need them to complete a collection, other times we might be looking for items released years before without paying atrocious prices for them. Because we are also collectors, we understand all those issues and struggle with them everyday  Sweat .

The new bargain category has been created with all these concerns in mind, and we hope you will appreciate the initiative. Indeed, in this category, we will try to post regularly complete dolls sets, opened and lightly used, but still in very good condition. Here are for example:

Essential Lizette Wigged Out by Wilde Imagination


Antoinette Goth Basic from Tonner Doll

Luna Rock Stay Cat by Azone International


In each product description, you will be given basic information about the doll, why she is being sold, as well as detailed pictures to give you an idea about the actual product. At the moment, all items are from our own models collection  Wink , and are in a very good condition because we really like to take good care of them Grin .

Feel free to check the new category  here at your earliest convenience. Keep coming back, because we will be adding new items regularly.

Hope this will help you to acquire new dollies without going into debts Wink  .

As usual,  feel free use to connect with us using the comment form below,  TwitterFacebookTumblr or YouTube.

Have a nice summer!

Cheers  Kiss

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Hi Everybody,

It has been a while! How have you been?

Sorry for the long wait. Blog posts will be shorter but more frequent starting today.

Let’s start with my favourites: anthropomorphic dollies. Indeed, Dear Mine released a series of cute summer BJD dolls last Friday.

Little Devils Rey & Roy

These cute 20cm tall BJD come with wig, make-up, eyes & clothes. Only white skin available though. More details on Dear Mine website.


Little Devils – Roy & Rey


Dear Pet DaVinci

Another 19cm dolly available in white skin. Package is same as Roy & Rey. I’m not so fond of this one, how about you? More info here.

Dear Classic Davinci


Dear Lover Dune Cool Ver.

Dune has always been a favourite of mine and I can’t wait to have one in my modest collection. 41cm tall, full package. 2 skin types: pure white & grey. More info on this page.

Dear Lover Dune Cool ver. (grey skin)


As usual, copyright to Dear Mine, we don’t own anything here Grin .

If any interest, I suggest you get yours as soon as possible, as productions are very limited and there won’t be any re-release.

Till next time, take care ~




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Hello there Kaoliberry fans!

So how did the past year treat you? Great I hope. Well, this Chinese New Year 2014 brings the year of the Wooden Horse! And since the first dolls in the world were probably made of wood, needless to say, this year of the “Wooden” Horse is but another year to indulge more into your doll fantasies! It is indeed the year of dolls!

Okay, that sounds a bit over-the-top I know, but it does make sense somehow. So to start off this year with a bang, I bring you again a recent addition to our one and only encyclopedia of the doll world, the Kaolipedia! And to bring you a waking dose of the letter “F”, I give you F like FASHION ROYALTY DOLLS!

Fahion Royalty

Fashion Royalty – Kyori Sato (Deceptively Yours)

Reading the name itself, “Fashion Royalty”, you probably know what’s in store for you. No, the name is not an exaggerated form of the dolls themselves and in no way do they not live up to their name! Fashion Royalty Dolls is currently one of the hottest names in the dolls industry because of their sophisticated design and because the line itself was conceptualized and created by one of today’s hottest designers, Jason Wu.

Fashion Royalty

Fashion Royalty – Adèle Makéda (Soul Deep)

Jason Wu is a Taiwanese-Canadian who started designing clothing and dolls in middle school. His talent was great so he went to Tokyo to further study sculpture at the age of 16. Wu conceptualized Fashion Royalty Dolls back in 2000 when he was a young man of 18, fresh from high-school in Europe where he was studying. And after two years with the help of the Integrity Toys team, Wu created his own line of high-end fashion dolls worthy of the name given to them, “Fashion Royalty”.

Fashion Royalty

Fashion Royalty – Kesenia (Porcelain Beauty)

Well, back then, you probably would be skeptical if the dolls designed by Wu are worthy of their regal namesake. But now, being sought-after and having designed clothing for the likes of Ivana Trump, Amber Valetta and the first lady of the United States herself, Michelle Obama, you probably couldn’t agree more. And if these credentials still aren’t enough, Jason Wu is now the art director of Hugo Boss, overseeing the Germanfashion house’s entire womenswear range. Definitely a young man who made a name for himself.

Now, as with the dolls themselves, they are just as pretty as their creator’s resumé. The dolls are multi-jointed dolls mostly standing at 12-12.5 inches high. They are made with plastic and vinyl materials and the facial features are flawlessly painted with smoldering eyes and contoured make-up to give you those serious, ramp model looks. However, after much observation, Fashion Royalty Dolls would remind you a bit of the more famous and child-friendlier Mattel Barbie Dolls. This is somehow a letdown to their “high fashion” feel but not because of the build and quality, but because of teenie-weenie similarities.

Fashion Royalty

Fashion Royalty – Véronique Perrin® (Breaking The Mold)

After years of being in the industry, Fashion Royalty Dolls have developed intricate storylines for their dolls’ characters, the most famous of which is Veroniqué Perrin – a beautiful, strong-willed character who owns W line of cosmetics. The clothing on the dolls are another story too. Designed by a renowned designer such as Wu, you can expect nothing but haute couture. Each piece of dress the dolls wear are made with quality materials and life-sized reliplicas are sometimes featured or launched in big events. Because of their quality and name itself, Fashion Royalty Dolls range from $130-400 a piece. Definitely not “for kids” and only for serious collectors.

Fashion Royalty

Fashion Royalty – Darius Reid (Staying Power)

In a nutshell, Fashion Royalty Dolls are high-couture collector dolls which live up to the hype they’ve created in the doll collectors’ world and designed by the famous Jason Wu. If you’re serious about collecting dolls and want only the best qaulity dolls you can find to add to your collection, you may have come to the right place.

Fashion Royalty’s latest collection is the FR 2011, featuring Veroniqué Perrin and her eight other beautiful friends in impeccable style. Go ahead and experience their glamorous lifestyle~

As usual we are giving all credits to Integrity Toys. Visit Fashion Royalty page for more info.

That’s it!

See you next month!